Are dentures for me?

Well-crafted dentures can restore your smile and allow you to have improved function, style and quality without compromising comfort.

Denturists offer various types of dentures, depending on your needs.

Proper digestion and nutrition are critical to your overall (general) health. When you are unable to chew your food effectively because of missing natural teeth, or you have excessively worn dentures, then you should see your Denturist for a consultation.

Function, style and quality.

How do I know dentures are for me?

Your Denturist will provide you with the professional advice you need to make an informed decision regarding the denture choice that is best for you.

The importance of a thorough consultation and examination with your Denturist is essential. This consultation gives you the chance to discuss your concerns and the treatment options available to you. It also allows your Denturist the opportunity to assess your oral condition and address your needs and expectations.

Chewing efficiently is the first step in digestion. Once the food is minced to a consistency that is safe to swallow, acids in the stomach break down the food further for your body to use.

If you suffer from heartburn, acid reflux, or other stomach-related problems, this may be due to your lack of chewing ability, dull teeth or other related denture concerns.

How long should dentures last?

Dentures are no different than other dental/medical devices or prostheses, they require regular maintenance by your Denturist and will eventually need to be replaced.

Your Denturist is the professional who will advise you on your specific oral health needs and circumstances. Most dental insurance plans cover dentures every five years.

Let your smile shine through!